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Premium Jade Face and Body Massager Roller

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🌸Showtime - Premium Jade Face and Body Massager Roller

🌸The best Premium Jade Face and body Massager Roller you can choose for your loved one in your life! This Best-Seller is 25% off for the next few hours.

UNIQUE DESIGN. Finely-detailed, giving it a very real look. Stylish identifier for people who want to reduce your dark circles under the eyes and puffiness; promote blood circulation to the eye area and look tighter, facelift. Best gift ever.

A TIMELESS GIFT. Great as Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday or Anniversary Gift.

TOP-NOTCH QUALITY. Totally affordable, super-durable and corrosion resistant.

Extremely high demand: expect 2-4 weeks for it to arrive (to be safe). Limit 4 per person!

Premium Jade Face and Body Massager Roller

Premium Jade Facial Massager Roller

Empress Dowager Ci Xi has a unique method of facial beauty, which is to massage the facial skin with jade every day.
Our jade roller is a kind of natural material. It is especially comfortable when massage. It has the function of stimulating massage on the facial nerve and facial acupoints. It can stimulate the nerve endings to be excited, promote the circulation of blood, and achieve the effect of beauty and beauty. Therefore, regular use of jade massage has a good health function on the skin.


  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE TRADITIONAL TREATMENT: This jade facial massage roller has been used as a traditional beauty treatment in China for centuries. Purbert uses only 100% jade for a smooth, safe touch.
  • REAL RESULTS YOU CAN SEE: By improving blood circulation to your skin, a jade stone roller can help reduce wrinkles, puffiness, and common signs of aging. Rejuvenate your skin and restore your glow with a bright, even complexion
  • UNIQUE DOUBLE HEAD DESIGN: Have the benefits of a small and large green jade roller in one convenient tool. Use the small head for your face and the larger head for other parts of your body. Relax and restore your body from head to toe!
  • USE AS ICE JADE ROLLER AS NEEDED: For increased benefits, especially when it comes to reducing puffiness or treating under eye issues, freeze your jade massage roller and use cold. Effective when used at room temperature too!

Directions on Jade Rolling

  • Wash face and apply your favorite moisturizer, serum or mask
  • Forehead: massage up and down
  • Brow: massage from the middle to both sides
  • Upper eyelid: massage from the inside to the outside
  • Lower eyelid: massage from the lateral to the inside
  • Repeat each stroke at least 3 times

 Premium Jade Facial Massager Roller


The item might have a slight difference in color, Vein, and Lines because this is a natural material. Size and weight are approximate only.

Since Jade is naturally formed, its surface or interior will inevitably contain more or less natural phenomena such as stone flowers, stone spots, textures, impurities, and cracks, which are naturally formed and do not affect the use. The special beauty and beauty of jade, so they are not exactly the same as each other, hoping you can understand. 


1 x Face Thin massager,

1 x Delicate Red Case


We are so confident that you’ll love the real jade roller for face and body. That’s why we include a one year guarantee with every purchase. Click “Add to Cart” now!

Customer Reviews

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All drive safely. IN a box, which do not crush the road. The Rulik packed in vacuum package. See how much stretch.


All packaged good goods arrived intact. Although all glued crooked, to handle all the glue, terribly creak. IN general, I am happy. Single buy. They feel cold, then stone….


Sorry.. product came in bad condition - looks like it’s used product or just dirty. Unable to gift this to anyone. Not recommend this seller..


Everything as described


Super. beautifully packaged. Fast shipment. Recommend 100%

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